Wilhelm Barth GmbH & Co. KG Feuerwehrtechnik

Barth back office

Our mission control - at your service!

Executive board

Alexander Ernst
Our managing director and associate is responsible for all divisons (small vehicles in particular) and an automotive project advisor (from scrap to delivery). Alexander mainly supports our partners and agents worldwide. He also handles finance, human resources, promotion ..., and whatever else pops up.
Phone +49 711 57560 38

Accounting, finance

Margarete Ladenburger
Margarete keeps an eye on our money and pays our providers and staff. She also sends friendly reminders to tardy customers ...
Phone +49 711 57560 19


Andreas Schmid
As the most important contact person for both our providers and our teams,
Andreas is also responsible for our high quality and prompt shipping.
Phone +49 711 57560 25

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