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Our guidance experts - at your service!

Firefighting Equipment

Juergen Muehlbacher
Juergen is an expert for fire protection gear and vehicle equipment.
He offers highly competent advice to customers worldwide.
Phone +49 711 57560 14

Thorsten Weber
Thorsten is a driving force in our department, export manager and a fully qualified fire battalion leader.
He also works out special project solutions in tandem with our suppliers around the globe.
Phone +49 711 57560 57

Carola Bannert
A customer-oriented distribution expert, Carola is another pillar in the Barth division for firefighting equipment.
She advises fire brigades on all aspects of fire gear, firefighter supplies and accessory.
Phone +49 711 57560 15

Ulrich Hemminger
Our front desk advisor Uli is one of the first persons-in-charge for fire brigades
and for visitors in our Fellbach shop. Uli is a high trained firefighter too.
Phone +49 711 57560 25

Petra Ernst
Petra is our internal sales expert for fire equipment. She supports our external sales when it comes
to submitting tenders and guidance. Petra is one of the first persons-in charge, for fire brigades
and for visitors in our Fellbach shop.
Phone +49 711 57560 20

Michael Allmendinger
Michael holds our outpost for fire equipment and emergency vehicles in Northern Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Of course, Michael is an experienced firefighter.

Erhard Bröckel
Erhard is our sales representative for fire equipment and emergency vehicles for Southern Wuerttemberg.
Erhard takes our motto "at your service" very literal.

Alexander Schuler
Alex provides competent guidance to fire brigades from Waldshut-Tiengen to Heidelberg.

Gerhard Beck
Gerhard, our specialist for foam-adding systems and seminars, is our extra expert for firefighters worldwide.
He also attends the counties of Rems-Murr, Ludwigsburg, and Heilbronn in Northern-Wuerttemberg.

Anton Ladenburger
Incoming or outgoing stock movements? Anton keeps track of everything! He is a meticulous organizer and makes sure that fire brigades around the world get their equipment as fast as possible.

Hose care & mobile reels

Karl-Heinz Stauß
Karl-Heinz, head of the division, is an expert for Barth mobile hose reels and mobile limbers, including hose care and protective suit disinfection. As our around-the-globe export processor, he is also the first contact person for all Barth agents, international or domestic.
Phone +49 711 57560 28

Alessandro Marcigliano
Our sales pro Alessandro is a technical advisor for Barth mobile hose reels and for hose care equipment.
He attends all Barth agents, abroad and in Germany.
Phone +49 711 57560 47
Cellphone +49 163 6756007

Fire prevention

Olaf Finkler
Olaf, head of the division, is a specialist for filling and draining devices in fire extinction.
When it comes to the legal and technical implications of effective fire protection, Olaf is the
first person-in-charge for clients, architects and planners.
Phone +49 711 57560 17

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