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Barth fire engines

Always customized, always up-to-date

Barth is at the forefront of automative customizing. Nearly no Barth fire engine is like any other because we build highly customized vehicles for every fire brigade and operational purpose. All Barth fire engine concepts rely on existing components and our in-house automotive engineering.

Technique and know-how

Barth automotive offers practical solutions with smart details, developed in close contact with fire brigades. The manufacture of our brackets and heavy-duty drawers, in particular, benefits from our full-range machinery and the broad expertise of our tinsmiths. Flexibly and at short notice, we make new firefighter ideas come true.

With, and for, fire brigades

Close cooperation with fire brigades is of utmost importance to us. We advise fire brigades from the very start, helping them to find the right car concept: from chassis, radio-communication and warning design to brackets and the loading or storage of firefighting equipment.

Custom-made quality

Barth automotive delivers custom-built quality. Lots of industry fire brigades trust our sturdy fire vehicles in their daily routine. In addition to fire engines, Barth also manufactures special vehicles for civil protection units, the Red Cross, lifesavers and mountain patrols.

Custom-make meets do-it-yourself

You want to equip your chassis by yourself? Here comes our solution! You can use Barth off-the-shelf products. Or have us manufacture exactly the heavy-duty drawers, cabinets and brackets you need - including guidance from our experts.

More details

Our experts are happy to help you.

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