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Compact hose care genius

Hose Master hose care system

Many fire brigades need compact hose care units. But regular compact units dry the hoses only insufficiently and wash a maximum of six hoses per hour - a major setback in terms of efficiency and energy consumption when compared to traditional hose care systems with their testing table and hose tower.

Hose washing, hose testing, hose drying and hose coiling in hitherto unrivalled speed, within the smallest space! Here comes a a complete novelty, with the performance of a traditional hose care system that leads hose testing to new heights. A true Hose Master!

Pressure testing reinvented

The patented system includes two pairs of powered rollers that compress the water in the hose to form a water cushion between them. The more both pairs move together the more pressure forms in the hose - for consistent testing in full (theoretically infinite) hose length.

Odorless inside, dry outside

Second benefit: after the pressure testing, the rollers expel the water from the tissue. Even before discharge, the hose is as dry as with other competitors after the process. Moreover, there remains no water in the hose, that is: lighter hoses, hardly any germs, no odor.

Infinite hose length (in theory)

The Hose Master will not have to test your hose full-length before coiling - you can coil the hose immediately after it left the testing area. And you save a lot of time: Per hour, the Hose Master washes, tests and coils up to 18 hoses of 66 ft length. Even 114- or 165 ft hoses are no problem for the Hose Master.

No germs - full safety

In addition to the high speed, the Hose Master offers highly safe handling: Due to a fully isolated washing-and-testing area wit  an exhaust tube (in the roof unit), the operator never inhales polluted or germ-infected air. The system automatically detects leakages in the hose and marks the defective sport. Because you need only three quarts of fresh water to test a hose, you avoid a water recycling system with stale, germ-infected water.

No-frills longevity

The Hose Master technology is thoroughly inspiring: ample-sized components ensure extreme reliability an longevity. If a wear part has to be replaced, it's done in the wink of an eye - no frills!

More details

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Hose care compact unit Hose Master

Demo video: easy-as-pie operation of the extra-compact hose care unit Hose Master.

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