Wilhelm Barth GmbH & Co. KG Feuerwehrtechnik

Barth hose care units

Professional hose care that's clean fun

Whether long or short testing table, whether modular or extra compact built — for fire brigades around the globe, Barth hose care units keep fire hoses well maintained. Our experts are happy to help you.

Top-notch hygiene
Long-haul hose care system Vario E

Hose soaking, hose laundry, pressure testing, hose coiling — our Vario E allows a consistent care of two fire hoses by a single person. Hose dimensions: 75 mm x 20 m (3 in x 66 ft) max.

Straight around the bend
Short-haul hose care system Vario E-U

Hose soaking, hose laundry, pressure testing, hose coiling — with our Vario E-U, a single person processes two hoses (max. size B) in one go; up to 250 hoses a day.

Extra modular hose care
Barth Mondiale care system

The simple, modular Mondiale for smaller fire brigades is a highly flexible system for consistent and single-handed hose soaking, hose laundry and pressure testing (maximum: two B-sized fire hoses in one go; 150 per day).


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