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The BARTH MCS is a hose care system for washing and pressure testing of hoselines up to coupling size 75 mm (3") or in a special version for hoselines up to size 110 mm (4 1/2").

The BARTH MCS was designed in order to be in line with German and European standards and regulations.




MONDIALE CARE-SYSTEM is available with a short and long testing table. Additionally, the hose care system can be equipped with different modules and is fully customized to your requirements.

The essential component of the care system is the hose washing machine MONDIALE MC for two hoses.

To increase the cleaning performance, a high pressure pump can be activated in order to clean very dirty and contaminated hoses. The fire hoses can be manually
laid out on the testing table by pushing a trolley.

Optionally, an electrical driven trolley is available to increase the comfort.

The testing module is the perfect device for regular fire hose testings. Due to the high pressure pump, two hoselines can be quickly filled and easy tested.

The MONDICALE CARE-SYSTEM can also be equipped with Hose Winder for winding hoses up to size 75 mm (3") and a length of 20 m.



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>> Download: MONDIALE CARE-SYSTEM product sheet (PDF)

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