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Top-notch hygiene

Long-haul hose care system Vario E

Hose soaking, hose laundry, pressure testing, hose coiling — our Vario E allows a consistent care of two maximum-size-B-hoses by a single person. The Vario E meets the DIN 14092-6 norm and all valid CE regulations for a maximum of 250 hoses per day. Hose dimensions: 75 mm x 20 m (3 in x 66 ft) max.

As easy as easy-going

Due to highly-focussed ergonomics, the Vario E minimizes your physical effort for almost all workflows. The hauling device that grabs the hoses from the soaking tub is a good example — it automatically drags every hose through the laundry machine. And for releasing the hoses from the coiler you won't have to lift or remove any hose reel.

Ergonomic touch screen

User-friendly touch screen technology ensures a highly intuitive care system control. Legions of sensors reduce possible operating errors to an absolute minimum. Active workflows (laundry, testing, coiling etc.) or alert messages appear in plain text — without displays of disabled or unwanted workflows.

Step-by-step guidance

The Vario E requires no training. Stepwise, the highly intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach guides users through all workflows — displaying only the current status and very next actions.

Pure sustainability

Due to high-pressure laundry and testing water recycling, the Vario E reduces water consumption to a minimum. Short paths, highly optimized workflows and simultaneous action (all-in-one laundry and hang-drying) account for maximum time savings and 250 hoses a day!

Innovative laundromat

The high-pressure laundromat ensures spotless, tissue-friendly hose laundry. A special treat is the shift between regular cleaning (via flat-jet nozzles) and intensive cleaning (via special rotating nozzles).

All inclusive

Stainless steel, shockproof polyethylene and premium aluminum ensure high longevity. And or selected suppliers provide all components for many years to come:

  • Continuous processing of fire hoses: 110 mm x 30 m (4½ in x 99 ft) max.
  • Hose soaking tub: shockproof polyethylene (PE)
  • High-pressure hose laundromat: for a variety of washings
  • Hose testing table: stainless steel
  • Testing table enlargement for 66-ft hoses or longer
  • Pressure testing unit with water recovery
  • Safety cover on the testing outlets
  • Hose long-haul device
  • High-precision hose release
  • Hose coiler for one or two hoses at once
  • Spray gun for cleaning the testing tub
  • Emergency-stop rip cord along the testing table
  • ... and much more!

More details

Our experts are happy to help you.

>> Download our VARIO E product sheet (PDF)

Long-haul hose care system Vario E

Demo video: easy-as-pie operation of the long-haul hose care system Vario E (in German).

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