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Barth hose coilers

Coil up fire hoses fast and easy

Barth hose coilers help fire brigades to wind up hoses in a flash. Our experts are happy to help you.

The CLEAN GETAWAY 5” Hose Winder & Water Drainer
Rolling hose winder ROLLY IV

Right on the site of action, our extra compact Rolly III allows fast, effortless coiling of B- and C-sized hoses up to 20 meters (66 ft) long.

Rollstar hose reelers
Coil fire hoses sized A to DN 150

Any Rollstar reeler coils up each fire hose straight, clean and fast. Hose sizes are B and C (20 m or 66 ft max.), or 40 m hoses (121 ft) sized A and DN 150 mm (6 in) — depending on type.

Out-of-this-world extra
Retrofit hose reeler for Barth Mondiale hose washing machine

The retrofit coiler for pressure hoses size up to size B-20 (Ø 75 mm; 3 in) and 20 m long (65.6 ft) — can be mounted on top of all Mondiale launderers.

Strictly no frills
Rolling hose winder ROLLY

Coiling up fire hoses is a pain in the ... arm? No way! Our patented Rolly hose reeler reduces the coiling time for laid-out fire hoses to a minimum — in each fire drill, on each site of action!

Hose coiler WINDY
Stable and flexible

Despite its compact size, our hose coiler WINDY is not a lightweight: The heavy base plate ensures a safe stand during winding!

Barth mini reeler
Coils fire hoses extra tiny

Single- or double-coiling of fire hoses is clear fun with the Barth mini reeler! Just strap the reeler to a vehicle ladder and enjoy new heights of coiling comfort — neatly and extremely handy!


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