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Barth mini reeler

Coils fire hoses extra tiny

Single- or double-coiling of fire hoses is clear fun with the Barth mini reeler! Just strap the reeler to a vehicle ladder and enjoy new heights of coiling comfort — neatly and extremely handy!

Upward mobility coiler
  • Just ratchet-strap the mini reeler to the vehicle ladder
  • Put the hose around the pulley
  • Insert the crank and coil up the hose

While coiling, the hose runs exactly through the adjustable hose guide (you can also use the crank of your Barth mobile hose reel).

Topmost itsy-bitsy

Among other mobile hose reelers, the Barth mini coiler is a real lightweight (6 kg; 13.2 lb). It is so small, it fits into any vehicle.

More details

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>> Download our Barth Mini Coiler product sheet (PDF)

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