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Rollstar hose reelers

Coil fire hoses sized A to DN 150

Any Rollstar reeler coils up each fire hose straight, clean and fast. Hose sizes are B and C (20 m or 66 ft max.), or 40 m hoses (121 ft) sized A and DN 150 mm (6 in) — depending on type. The Rollstar coils up hoses folded (double) or unfolded (single). For all types of couplings wih a maximum diameter of 225 millimeter (8.9 in), the Rollstar A-40 and 150 have adjustable coil-up pins.

Easy, fast, safe, comfy

All Rollstar machines (except Rollstar Classic) work automatically.

  • Simply insert the hose (unfolded or folded)
  • Adjust the hose guiding
  • Press the start button
  • Watch the Rollstar neatly coil up the hose

As soon as the second coupling reaches the hose guide, the Rollstar switches off automatically. Meanwhile, you can prepare the next hose for coiling.

The Rollstar Classic ...

... is operated via pedal (the hose being hand-guided). Each Rollstar comes with an extension roll for easy removal of the tightly coiled hose. Two pairs of stoppable castor wheels ensure mobile use and safe stand while coiling.

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