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Strictly no frills

Rolly compact fire hose reeler

Coiling up fire hoses is a pain in the ... arm? No way! Our patented Rolly hose reeler reduces the coiling time for laid-out fire hoses to a minimum — in each fire drill, on each site of action!

Ten ..., nine ..., eight ...,
  • Simply insert the hose (unfolded or folded)
  • Roll the coiler over the hose — done!
  • Takes about ten seconds only

Seven ..., six ..., five ...,
  • No stooping, nor cranking, nor other toils
  • To remove the coiled-up hose: shortly side-tilt the Rolly
  • Just give it a try — in awe and wonder!

Fits into any vehicle

To have fire brigades use this compact hose reeler everywhere, the Rolly has a retractable handle — and even fits into the smallest of vehicles.

More details

Our experts are happy to help you.

>> Download our Barth Rolly product sheet (PDF)

Hose reeler Rolly

Demo video: Dutch-style double-coiling of a folded hose via a compact Rolly on-site hose reeler.

Hose reeler Rolly

Demo video: single coiling of an unfolded hose via a compact Rolly on-site hose reeler.

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