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The CLEAN GETAWAY 5” Hose Winder & Water Drainer

Since more than 20 years firefighters all over the world use and love our hose winder series ROLLY. Many customers asked us for winder for 4" and 5" hoselines.
Here it is: the brand new battery powered CLEAN GETAWAY Hose Winder ROLLY 5"

The ROLLY 5" is light and compact like his small brother ROLLY IV. Hoselines with Storz couplings up to 5" in diameter and 200 ft length can be winded. The handle and the arm with the hose-guide are foldable to ensure a very small volume of the unit. Thus he can easily be stored in the firetruck. The forceful electric drive is powered by an exchangeable 28 V battery Milwaukee type (Genesis Rescuetools type), the speed is adjustable up to 4 mph. 

The innovative coupling bracket precisely hold the coupling before winding. While the operator fixes the coupling in the bracket the integrated stand helps to stabilize the unit. The winder advances along the hoseline while winding. Hereby the hoseline with coupling isn't dragged and by this less stressed through abrasion. 

An adjustable hose-guide will guarantee a proper winded hose-coil and the water-drain while the hose is winded. After winding the hose coil can be effortless discarded to the back. The coiled hoseline can easily be removed with hose-removal aid. 

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 33" x 20" x 14"
Weight: 58 lb
Operating range: 1.000 to 1.500 ft with one battery 28 V 5 Ah

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