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Hose drying cabinet Kompakt

Due to a precise airflow, our electrical hose drying cabinet is very energy-efficient — hoses dry very economically in an acceptable time span without bringing heat and dampness into the building!

Low-energy drying

All eight shelves have six support bars emitting a constant, warm airflow that dries the hoses quickly, carefully and constantly. The quantity of air and heat are perfectly synchronized for optimum use of energy. You can add a cabinet ventilation system to avoid unwanted heat and dampness and transport the humid air out of the building. The cabinet dries your hoses heated or unheated, and timer-controlled. The heating can be actvated with 1,500 or 3.000 watts, according to your needs.

The system

You should lay your hoses folded (= uncoiled) into the hose drying cabinet Kompakt. This makes them dry constantly and some 40 percent faster. Because folded hoses are ideal for baskets, dry them neatly folded in hose baskets. Once dry, the hoses remain in the basket. However, you can also coil them very comfortably.

Your benefit

You can wash and test a large number of hoses and simply store them in hose baskets to make room for the next load. When the first load is dry, you can reload the cabinet within a few minutes. If you have to dry your hoses coiled, have them single-coiled before placing them on the support bars. Depending on hose length and size, the drying cabinet holds some 16 coiled pressure hoses.

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