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Barth hose drying

Your alternative to hose towers

Some fire brigades don't have a hose drying tower. Barth hose drying systems are far more compact and less expensive than a tower. Our experts are happy to help you.

Electrical and systematic
Hose drying cabinet Kompakt

Due to a precise airflow, our electrical hose-drying cabinet is very energy-efficient — hoses dry very economically in an acceptable time span.

Hose pre-dryer
For double-fast hose drying in the cabinet

The pre-dryer vacuums wet pressure hoses before they proceed to the drying cabinet. This cuts final drying times in the cabinet in half and makes cabinet-drying of coated hoses even obsolete.

Inclined hose drying system
Unpowered, untowered, but lots of Pisa

Inclined fire hose suspension is ideal for small fire stations without a hose drying tower. It is inexpensive, offers one-person operation, needs neither electricity nor maintenance — a Leaning Hose Tower of Pisa, so to say.


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