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Hose pre-dryer

For double-fast hose drying in the cabinet

The pre-dryer vacuums wet pressure hoses before they proceed to the drying cabinet. This cuts final drying times in the cabinet in half and makes cabinet-drying of coated hoses even obsolete.

Efficient pre-drying

A strong wet-dry aspirator (usable also without pre-dryer) pre-dries the hose surface. The gear motor of the pre-dryer also coils up the hose. Edgewise, the hose runs along seveal wipers and suction nozzles for drying. Via speed control you can choose between four almost constant vacuuming speeds. After pre-drying, the motor and aspirator switch off automatically; the single-coiled hose is ready for further processing.

Sturdy construction
  • Movable chassis: aluminum with a stainlees steel table
  • Stainless wipers, suction nozzles
  • All steel components: galvanized
  • Control buttons, switch cabinet: user-friendly built into the chassis
  • Working height: comfy 870 mm (2.86 ft)
  • Wet-dry aspirator: 2 x 1.7 kW
  • Dewater tank: some 80 liters (21 US gallons)
The pre-dryer is ideal for ...

... our electrical hose drying cabinet.

More details

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