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Inclined hose drying system

Unpowered, untowered, but lots of Pisa

Inclined fire hose suspension is ideal for small fire stations without a hose drying tower. It is inexpensive, offers one-person operation, needs neither electricity nor maintenance — a Leaning Hose Tower of Pisa, so to say.

A strong inclination to dry

The hose hang-dries compactly inclined, with enough air to dry it from all sides. It hangs from a rope that connects a bottom rack mounted to the floor or wall and the suspension pulleys under the ceiling. Also included: return pulleys to minimize the pulling force.

Let it all hang out
  • Insert the hose coupling into the bottom rack
  • If the hose is folded: unfold the suspension pulley and push it through the fold
  • Fasten the rope to the suspension pulley
  • Pull the rope to lift the suspension pulley
  • The hose now hang-dries in a slope from the ceiling
Simply sturdy
  • Bottom hose rack: galvanized steel; mounted to floor or wall
  • One or two suspension boxes under the ceiling (depending on configuration)
  • Return pulleys per suspension box: eight or ten; plastic
  • A sufficient number of suspension adaptors with pulleys, nylon ropes, plastic-coated rope holders, lashing grids
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