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Sparkling clean since 1953

Barth hose cleaners

Barth hose cleaners wash fire hoses sparkling clean since 1953. Our experts are happy to help you.

The Story, background & products to reduce hoseline exposure
Out of this world
Barth hose washing machine MONDIALE

Yup! Since 1953, we build and optimize hose laundromats. In addition to our know-how, the latest Barth Mondiale comprises the ideas of thousands of fire brigades, with proven components and innovative Barth updates.

Hose cleaning to go
Barth Mini Cleaner hose washing device

Brush, rinse, coil — all in one! The Mini Cleaner washes and coils fire hoses up to size B right on the spot; plain and simply by using the water pressure exit on your vehicle and propped neatly onto the fire hose reeler Rolly!

Out-of-this-world extra
Retrofit hose reeler for Barth Mondiale hose washing machine

The retrofit coiler for pressure hoses size up to size B-20 (Ø 75 mm; 3 in) and 20 m long (65.6 ft) — can be mounted on top of all Mondiale launderers.


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