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Hose Washing Machine

Since more than 50 years BARTH produces professional hose washing devices. With the hose-washing machine MONDIALE we have put together the proven components of all so far built washing machines and refined it even more. Then we have put all these technical details and improvements in a nice form.

Excellent washing results

The MONDIALE has a very long cleaning channel. Therefore the hose stays longer in the washing area as in other machines and the dirt can be removed more carefully. The hose will be soaked by two water-nozzles in front of the washing brushes and two nozzles behind the brushes.

The real washing procedure will be done by two special brushes with long, gently cleaning bristles. When the hose is given into the machine, the long bristles catch the coupling and the hose is pulled through the machine by the brushes. You have not to lift up the upper brush for the input of the couplings.

Simple handling

Only one person can operate the machine in a very comfortable way. The main switch which is fixed in the middle of the machine and could be reached from every side. The watter-supply starts with switching on the machine.

Quality made by BARTH

With a MONDIALE you will have a solid and nearly maintenance-free hose-washing machine.

Both brushes are driven each with a electric motor and the brushes could be changed in a very simple way.

Especially for any request, the MONDIALE hose-washing machine could be delivered with special equipment as 
  • washing of hoses up to 110 mm (4 1/2") coupling diameter

  • high-pressure cleaning

  • pressure-testing

  • hose winding

Product Code (MONDIALE) 151170 006057 151175 006206
Product Code (chassis) 151172 151172 151176 151176
max. coupling size 1 x max. 75 mm
or 1 x max. 3"
1 x max. 110 mm
or 1 x max. 4 1/2"
2 x max. 75 mm
or 2 x max. 3"
2 x max. 75 mm / 1 x max. 110 mm
2 x max. 3" / 1 x 4 1/2"
(incl. chassis)
980 x 430 x 660 mm
(1.020 x 570 x 1.270 mm) 
980 x 530 x x 660 mm
(1.020 x 670 x 1.270 mm) 
(incl. chassis)
approx. 105 kg
approx. 232 lbs 
approx. 124 kg
approx. 273 lbs 
Engine 2 gear motors with resersing switch in a separat dry housing   
Electr. connection 3N AV 400 V 50 Hz IP 54 1,1 kW / 6,6 kW with modules, connecting cable 2,5 m long and with 5-pole CEE-plug 16 A                                                          
Water connection intake magnetic valve 1/2" Geka, drain R2" ext. thread                                            
Further Information

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

>> Download: Barth Mondiale product sheet (PDF)

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