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Barth hose washing machine MONDIALE

Since 1953, we build and optimize hose washers. In addition to our know-how, the latest Barth Mondiale comprises the ideas of thousands of fire brigades, with proven components and innovative Barth updates.

Quality made by Barth

Each Mondiale succeeds with a low-wear and long-life make. The sturdy motor drives each brush directly, minimizing operation expenses and follow-up costs dramatically.

Impeccable operation

A single person can operate the Mondiale safe-and-easily, without having to lift the upper brush when a coupling arrives.

This minimizes hazard risks and spares you from wastewater contact. The water feed starts/stops automatically via a magnetic valve, when switching the Mondiale on or off.

Impeccable feed-brushes

Two innovative brushes, with gently long bristles, wash the hose and pull it through the machine automatically. They catch the coupling already at the feed opening and pull it in. The fixed axial spacing of the brushes and their long cleaning bristles spare you the lifting of the brushes via lever. Because the brushes exert constant pressure without yielding to hose bumps, the Mondiale cleans your hoses to real perfection.

Impeccable hoses

The extra long washing trough soaks the hoses much longer than other maschines do; additional water nozzles thoroughly rinse the hose after brushing. Wastewater in the machine drains off highly systematically.


Impeccably flexible

Each Mondiale has individual variants - for laundering one or two hoses of different size. Also the many extras are truly Mon Dieu: pressure testing, high-pressure laundry on demand, optional hose coiler - Barth has the perfect hose washer for every fire brigade.

Impeccably modular

The P module, for instance, tests fire hoses via high-pressure pump in the carriage. Barth has a perfect Mondiale even for hose washtroughs in concrete or fiberglass. Mon Dieu!

More impeccable details

Our experts are happy to help you.

>> Download our Barth Mondiale product sheet (PDF)

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