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A wire-binding classic

Electrical hose binder ESB 69-3

The hose binder ESB 69-3 binds pressure and suction hoses safely, in high quality, and compliant to valid norms. Because the safety of fire brigades heavily depends on high hose-binding quality, the ESB 69-3 is your first choice.

Smart know-how

When binding a hose, the ESB 69-3 always keeps up the wire tension because the Barth engineers found a very smart solution — synchronizing the rotary table straight with the chucking device rotation prevents the hose from being twisted. Due to foot-pedal operation, users have both hands free. This saves lots of time.

Clever add-on: the second reel

As an option, the ESB 69-3 holds a second reel to use two different wire-diameters in one go without reloading — Ø 1.4 mm (55.12 mil; for pressure hoses) and Ø 1.8 mm (70.87 mil; for suction hoses), in stainless steel or galvanized.

Sturdy built

A strong three-phase motor (400 VAC) powers the ESB 69-3; the standard chucking device adjusts to couplings with inner diameters from 38 to 110 mm (1.5 to 4.5 in). Due to maximum quality, all components ensure a long-life operation and minimum maintenance. Barth has been exporting ESB 69's worldwide since the 1960's.

More details

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>> Download our ESB 69-3 product sheet (PDF)

Electrical hose binder ESB 69-3

Demo video: electrical Barth wire-binder ESB 69-3 for fire hoses; with two wire reels (optional).

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