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Wire-binding perfection

Digitized hose binder ESB Automatic

All-digital and extremely safe, the digitized hose binder ESB Automatic prevents human error when it comes to wire-binding fire hoses.

50 good years of know-how

Since the 1960's, fire brigades and hose manufacturers around the globe use hose binders made by Barth. Their benefits: significantly faster and safer workflows and more wire tension than a manual binding. A good Barth wire binding ensures the quality of the entire hose, thus protecting the emergency responders.

More Barth, more safety

Hose manufacturers face enormous cost pressure. Wire bindings make up 25 percent of all hose costs. And, due inconsistently qualified staff, not two bindings are of the same quality. Lack of experience is a high safety risk for/from any wire binding; fast electrical hose binders increase the risk for untrained staff. The all-automated ESB Automatic closes these safety gaps.

Made by, and for, fire brigades

In decades of cooperation with fire brigades, Barth has led automatic electrical hose binders to perfection: (1) insert the coupling and hose, (2) close the lid, (3) have a perfect binding in just 60 seconds. Each and every hose is bound with equal perfection; even while binding you can prepare the next hose and save valuable time.

Impossible? No way!

Whoever binds own hoses knows how critical the change between rolling and twisting is for each wire layer — it takes a lot of skill and experience to keep up the wire tension. When looking for a suitable machine in various industry sectors, we more than often faced the answer "impossible".

Barth is the solution!

The Barth ESB Automatic works fully automated and makes operation errors from the past appear water down the bridge. Second benefit: In the wake of even more innovation, we have thoroughly optimized the hose-binding workflows and developed a device for fast, easy coiling of the lantern pieces.

Barth moves on

Already today, we rework the entire wire-binding workflow to make it constantly faster and safer.

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