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mobile Hose Conveyor System

What really makes every firefighters life easier is the mobile hose conveyor system. Through the new BARTH X-CROSS SYSTEM, hose containers and boxes can be loaded very quickly and easily.

The forceful electric engine is powered by an exchangeable 28 V Milwaukee battery and allows the operator to load the hoselines with a speed of 6 km/h. This means that a hose container or a box with 700 m can be reloaded in less than 10 minutes.

How it works.

The hose is placed over the rubber conveyor belt, the pressure leaf guarantees for the necessary grip during the insertion process.

The the foot pedal operation allows both hands free to place the hose into the hose container or box.

Therefore the hose can be loaded directly from the road into the container, while the vehicle is moving. Even if you would like to reload the container at the fire station, the winded hoses can be reloaded with the X-CROSS SYSTEM into the hose container or box.

Technical Specifications 
Product Code 130765
max. coupling size 110 mm ( 4 1/2")
Speed 0-6 km/h
Electrical Power Supply 28V DC / MILWAUKEE battery
Battery runtime approx. 1.000 m (max. hose length)
Dimension 640 x 450 x 440 mm
Weight 25 kg

Further Information

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

>> Download: X-CROSS SYSTEM product sheet (PDF)

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