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Barth hose suspension for drying towers

Rapunzel, lower more hose!

All-automatic Barth suspension systems for all kinds of hose drying towers always ensure an optimal suspension and airing of all fire hoses. Our experts are happy to help you.

Up to 160 B/C-sized fire hoses
Lifturmatic III hose suspension system

The all-automatic hose suspension system Lifturmatic III is used for hanging up and down pressure hoses in hose drying towers. Depending on the tower, the system holds up to 160 B/C-sized hoses in 20 rails.

Extra large, extra variable
Supra-Lift hose suspension system

The supra-Lift all-automatically hangs up and down pressure hoses in hose-drying towers; on parallel rails the system may hold several hundreds of B/C-sized pressure hoses (depending on tower).

Inclined hose drying system
Unpowered, untowered, but lots of Pisa

Inclined fire hose suspension is ideal for small fire stations without a hose drying tower. It is inexpensive, offers one-person operation, needs neither electricity nor maintenance — a Leaning Hose Tower of Pisa, so to say.


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