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The fully automatic hose suspension system LIFTURMATIC III is used for hanging up and down fire delivery hoses of all sizes and all types of couplings in hose drying towers. The capacity of the system depends on the clear cross-section of the tower. The hose suspension system can be used as a single unit or could be connected with a complete hose care system.

Simple handling

The BARTH LIFTURMATIC III is distinguished by its excellent performence, safety features, usability and custimizable capacity. Due to the touch control unit and safty features. Therefore the LITURMATIC III promise a high level of work safety and through the automatic loading and unloading procedures, a very user-friendly procedure. All components are designed to be robust and simple to reduce the cost of daily operation and maintenance.

How does it work?

The LIFTURMATIC III is equipped with an 5,6" Touch Display mounted on the main control unit. Through the digital touch display, the operator will see the capicity before loading or unloading the LIFTURMATIC III. Through the sensors, the system shows the user an alarm, if the operator tries to overload the system.

Due to the easy handling of the LIFTURMATIC III, only one operator is needed.

Safty risks are technically impossible.

The LIFTURMATIC III is also equipped with an electronic overload security sensor and a wear resistant electromechanical security lock, which is adjusted to the weight of the operator or individual max. weight. Additionally the suspension hook is equipped with an retaining pawl, that doesn´t open before the hose is placed in the rail.

Technical Specifications                                                                       
Product Code 153480 / 153481
Quantity of rails 5 up to 20
System capacity 40 up to 160 hoses with max. 45 / 75 mm (2" / 3")
or 12 up to 40 hoses with max. 110 mm (4,5")
Control unit PLC touch-screen-control, emergency stop switch
Functions load, unload, rail select, loading status, over-load lock
Lifting speed max. 20 m / min
Energy 2,9 kW, 230 V



Further Information

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>> Download: LIFTURMATIC III product sheet (PDF)

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