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Up to 160 B/C-sized fire hoses

Lifturmatic III hose suspension system

The all-automatic hose suspension system Lifturmatic III is used for hanging up and down pressure hoses of all sizes and all types of couplings in hose drying towers. Depending on the tower, the system holds up to 160 B/C-sized hoses in 20 rails.

Simply versatile

The extremely user-friendly hose suspension system can be used as a single unit or combined with a complete hose care system:

  • Press Load or Unload
  • Choose the track you need
  • The system loads or unloads the chosen track automatically
  • Lifting hook: always returns to the initial floor position
  • Next work steps and error messages: displayed always in plain text

Lots of hose in the smallest of space

The Lifturmatic III steel frame has hose suspension rails made of steel girders. A carriage with a chain hoist, a load chain, a safety hook runs on the girders — across and along the suspension rails. After the chain hoist has lifted the suspension adapter and hoses, the carriage moves to the chosen rail and parks the adapter there:

  • Smallest Lifturmatic III (five rails): for a maximum of 40 B/C-sized hoses
  • Largest Lifturmatic III (20 rails): for a maximum of 160 B/C-sized hoses

Safety first!
  • An electromagnetic overload shutdown
  • A wear-resistant electromechanical safety lock: reliably adjusted to the weight of the operator
  • An additional safety catch in the lifting hook: to drop/lift the suspension bracket safely onto/from the rail
  • Your benefit: no overload risk
Quality made by Barth
  • Simple, extremely sturdy components
  • Attractive price: and the performance of a slew-ring system
  • High reliability
  • Minimum expenses for maintenance and repair
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