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Extra large, extra variable

Supra-Lift hose suspension system

The supra-Lift all-automatically hangs up and down pressure hoses in hose drying towers; on parallel rails the system may hold several hundreds of B/C-sized pressure hoses (depending on tower).

Tried-and-true technology

The Supra-Lift steel frame rests on existing substructures near the tower roof; the suspension rails from galvanized steel show a slope towards the tower entrance. A carriage with a chain hoist, a load chain and a lift/drop station for the suspension adapter runs across the suspension rails.

Smart detail: sloped rails

After being lifted, the suspension adapter (with hoses) is wheeled to the chosen rail and parked there. For the lowering of hoses, the adapter is wheeled to the lift/drop station rail. After mechanical release, and due to sloped rails, the adapter moves into the lift/drop station to be lowered with the hoses.

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