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Barth hose testing devices

A must-have for all fire hoses

Tightness is the name of the game for fire hoses — their water is to quench fires without spilling. Barth hose testing technology prevents unwanted spill-outs! Our experts, however, are very eager to talk to you!

Mobile hose testing up to 24 bar
BARTH hose testing pump P 2020

Quick and easy testing – with our electric hose testing pump up to four hoses at the same time. A safety valve (24 bar) protects the hoses from overpressure.

Pressure-clean fire hoses
High-pressure cleaner + testing adaptor = hose tester

Some fire brigades wash and test hoses in quantities too small for a large testing or vehicle pump. Barth testing adaptors use an ordinary high-pressure cleaner to check hoses — at a safely reliable pressure of 16 bar (232 psi)!

Check this!
More testing devices and accessory

Whether manual testing pump or hose cap couplings and pneumatic suction-hose tester — Barth technology coins the world of hose testing with highly useful accessories.


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