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More testing devices and accessory

Whether manual testing pump or hose cap couplings and pneumatic suction-hose tester — Barth technology coins the world of hose testing with highly useful accessories.

Manual testing pump H 10
  • A two-stage double-piston pump (operated by hand): for the testing of pressure hoses in small quantities
  • Testing connection: Storz C
  • A pressure gauge: includes a 16-bar safety valve (232 psi)
  • Filling connector: Storz C, filling hose from the water reservoir
  • A 50-liters water reservoir (13.21 US gallons): galvanized steel

Hose cap couplings
  • For filling and emptying the pressure hoses quickly for pressure tests
  • Hose cap couplings: include an automatic valve for pressurizing and venting
  • Basic configuration: ball valve
  • Quick configuration: poppet valve (adjustable valve clearance), additional splash cover from stainless steel

Pneumatic suction-hose tester

For the testing of suction hoses (vacuum testing, positive pressure testing, visual inside inspection) compliant to BGG/GUV-G 9102 and DIN 14810. The 3-bar testing pressure (43.5 psi) is generated via local water supply; a shutoff valve holds this pressure on the testing outlet.

Testing station
  • Installed in a plastic container
  • Compressed-air inlet (6 bar; 87 psi): fed from local air supply; generates a vacuum via vacuum pump
  • Closable outlet with a connection hose and Geka coupling: applies a vacuum for testing the suction hoses

Scope of delivery

The following accessories come in the second systainer; you can arrange both systainers to form a simple, mobile and lightweight testing station for suction hoses:

  • Testing inlet with a ball valve and a built-in Storz A coupling
  • Pressure gauge
  • Connection hose with Geka coupling
  • Loose perspex window pane for visual testing
  • Stopwatch for correct timing
Technical data
  • Maximum vacuum: 1 mbar (0.015 psi)
  • Compressed-air inlet: quick coupling
  • Vacuum testing outlet: Geka coupling
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 400 x 480 x 300 mm (15.75 x 18.9 x 11.8 in)
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