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Mobile hose testing up to 24 bar

BARTH hose testing pump P 2020

Quick and easy testing – with our electric hose testing pump up to four hoses at the same time. A 24 bar safety valve protects the hoses from overpressure.

Testing system

After filling the hoses with mains pressure, the hose test is performed by the built-in high-pressure pump. The powerful pump (flow rate 42 l/min.) ensures that the test pressure is reached quickly. The pressure is easily adjustable and can be easily read on the large manometer.


Four test outlets (2 each Storz C and Storz B) can be opened and closed separately by ball valves. If a hose leaks or bursts, individual connections can be shut off. After the test, the pressure of all outlets is simply relieved by a separate ball valve. The extremely tilt-resistant special chassis with two wheels does not react to elongation of the hoses under pressure.

Quality made by Barth

Our hose testing pumps impress with their durable and low-wear design. All materials - from the stainless steel pressure vessel to the piston pump – are designed for long service life.

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