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Pressure-clean fire hoses

High-pressure cleaner + testing adaptor = hose tester

Some fire brigades wash and test hoses in quantities too small for a large testing or vehicle pump. Barth testing adaptors use an ordinary high-pressure cleaner to check hoses — at a safely reliable pressure of 16 bar (232 psi)!

A fully developed testing pump

The P 2001 testing adaptor offers all features of a true-and-tested Barth testing pump:

  • Continuous pressure adjustment
  • A large pressure gauge for exact pressure indication
  • A 16-bar safety valve (232 psi)
  • Pressure relief
  • Two testing outlets to be closed separately

A major safeguard ...

... is the skid system on the testing adaptor; it makes the adaptor glide backwards when a hose expands under pressure (instead of falling over).

An optimal add-on

The testing adaptor fits on almost any high-pressure cleaner with a minimum flow rate of 10 liters (2.64 US gallons) per minute. Using the adaptor you can now test hoses, clean vehicles or equipment with a single cleaner — saving money and space in your fire station.

Quality made by Barth

The testing adaptor benefits from its long-life, low-wear built. The pressure reservoir and skids are from stainless steel; all the piping is from galvanized steel.

More details

Our experts are happy to help you.

>> Download our Hose testing adaptors P2001 product sheet (PDF)

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