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Hose care

Barth custom-fit quality

Hose care is subject to strict regulations but also ensures your safety! And the simple 1953 Barth hose launderer is already a legend! Eversince, Barth refines hose care in close contact with fire brigades.

Barth worldwide

Thousands of fire brigades worldwide use Barth hose care technology today (washing, testing, drying, repairing, coiling, storing, hang-drying).

Barth practicality

Periodic care of fire equipment is exhausting. For this reason, Barth always focusses on the operator — our systems for hose care convince you through simple and safe efficiency.

Barth safety

For Barth, safety and ergonomics weigh as much as performance and efficiency. Rather than selling trendiness, our systems keep fire hoses top-notch ready for action: hygienically clean, extra dry, rigorously tested!

Barth innovation

In our work, we regularly check for improvement. Whether simple hose launderer or complex hose care unit with modern touch screen control — we find the right solution for every fire brigade!

Barth efficiency

To make fire missions as eco-friendly as possible, the water-and-energy consumption rates of our systems are exemplary. Since 2000 or so, also the noise emissions of our systems dropped by almost 60 per cent.

Barth flexibility

Due to constant evolution and improvment, Barth always ensures innovative solutions for every need. Our flexible manufacture enables us to fully meet all needs and demands of every fire brigade.

Barth expertise

To help fire brigades work as perfectly as possible, consulting is a Barth priority. Whether you plan a new fire station or whether you want to enhance or improve your gear — please do ask for our advice.

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