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Barth novelties

Hose care and hazmat suit disinfection

Here, fire brigades find all Barth novelties for the care of fire hoses and hazmat suits — as well as for hose repair, wire binding, hose laundry, hose hang-drying and hose storage. Our experts are happy to help you.

Compact hose care genius
Hose Master hose care system

Another Barth innovation! Hose laundry, hose testing, hose drying and hose coiling in hitherto unrivalled speed, within the smallest space!

Wire-binding perfection
Digitized hose binder ESB Automatic

All-digital and extremely safe, the digitized hose binder ESB Automatic prevents human error when it comes to wire-binding fire hoses.

Agile coiling
Rolly III fire hose reeler

Right on the site of action, our extra compact Rolly III allows fast, effortless coiling of B- and C-sized hoses up to 20 meters (66 ft) long.

A wire-binding classic
Electrical hose binder ESB 69-3

Here comes a Barth classic! Since the 1960's, fire brigades and hose manufacturers around the globe use our electrical hose binder ESB 69.

Out-of-this-world extra
Retrofit hose reeler for Barth Mondiale laundromats

The retrofit coiler for pressure hoses size up to size B-20 (Ø 75 mm; 3 in) and 20 m long (65.6 ft) — can be mounted on top of all Mondiale launderers.


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