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Barth one-person hose reels

Indispensible for fire trucks

For fire brigades worldwide, the Barth one-person hose reel according to standard DIN 14826-2 is a well-known key word. And Barth is the market leader in this sector - since the 1960's we design and manufacture mobile hose reels. Using our long-year experience for permanent improvement, we develop portable multi-role carriers, based on of our classical one-person hose reel!

Always the right reel

In addition to the classical Barth one-person hose reel, fire brigades around the globe highly appreciate the modular Barth system with a large variety of lightweight one-person carriers for the transportation of all kinds of fire equipment. More than 15 special variants offer you an enormous versatility. The bodies of the one-person reels and some of the carriers are available as a standard version according to the requirements of DIN 14826-2 with a limber width of 967 mm and a slim version with a limber width of 757 mm.

At the forefront of lightweight

Barth one-person reels benefit from excellent quality, simple and safe operation, a low limbering weight, high variability, functional elegance and easy-to-service construction. Moreover, Barth was the first manufacturer to build a aluminium hose drum - a milestone in day-to-day practicability and lightweight.


All Barth one-person reels have an unlocking bar with a safety lock for the limber device as well as a dead man's driving and parking brake. So don't ask for any standard product, but for a one-person reel from Barth.

Hoists and accessories

Barth constantly improves all accessories. Good examples are: the standpipe mount, the reflecting designs for wheels and hose drum, or the roll-up warning sign. It would be our honor to retrofit also your fire engine with suitable limbering/unlimbering hoists for one-person reels and carriers.

More details

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