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Barth after sales service

Our troubleshooters - at your service!

Maintenance and repair

Helmut Wieland
Helmut is an expert for hose care and head of the division after sales service.
With vast experience, he coordinates all service requests - for optimum solutions.
Phone +49 711 57560 31

Wolfgang Heeb
Specialist for assembling of hose care systems all over the world. Due to his long experience
and flexibility, Wolfgang tackles all other workshop and service issues.

Ralf Dangel
Ralf is a man of action rather than words! He is our top expert for all pump issues, fire engines or hydraulics.
Ralf delivers Barth quality in full perfection ... without talking too much.

Joerg Zischka
Almost day by day, Joerg is on the road for fire brigades all over Europe. His specialties are hose care systems, filling/emptying stations and hydrant cabinets. Our customers already know him better than we do ....

Falk Mueller
Falk travels all over the word, acting as our technician for maintenance
and revision of hose care systems.

Massimo Persichilli
Our specialist for assembling of hose care systems all over the world and mobile technician
for maintenance and revision of fire fighting equipment.

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