Wilhelm Barth GmbH & Co. KG Feuerwehrtechnik

Barth engineering & manufacture

Our think tank and practitioners - at your service!


Manfred Wenninger
Responsible for construction and development. Manfred is an expert for mobile hose reels
and hose care. He knows exactly which innovation is feasible and gets started right away.
Phone +49 711 57560 23

Moritz Buerkle
Responsible for special projects, Moritz develops and designs products from the idea
to series production.
Tel. +49 711 57560-21


Uwe Drexler
Head of devision custom made vehicles and hydrant cabinets. Uwe gives and coins the hallmark
character of every vehicle. Due to his perfect spatial imagination, Uwe is our Sheet Metal Wizzard.
Phone +49 711 57560 34

Chris Ortmaier
Head of the division hose care and mobile hose reels.
Of course, he is a true-blooded native "Barthian".
Phone +49 711 57560 30

Frank Gregorius
An all-rounder for every aspect of our small vehicles, Frank has customized more than 200 emergency vans for almost just as many fire brigades.

Lutz Zill
In the area of small vehicles, Lutz is extremely reliable and proficient in building, refurbishing and retrofitting commando and other emergency vehicles for fire brigades.

Dietmar Paetzold
In our division for hydrant cabinets and small vehicles, Dietmar's magic hands create genuine "Barthian" artifacts from each piece of sheet-metal. He is definitely our Lord of Sheet Metal Manufacture.

Gerald Beisswenger
A true sheet metalhead, Gerald manufactures sheet metal components for nearly all Barth divisions. Even without a firefighter background, he is constantly at your service!

Rolf Buecheler
Rolf is our expert for mobile hose reels and lays his hands on each and every of our reels. Rolf assembles each single reel with utter dilligence — his experience dwarfs everyone else.

Alves Ferreira
When it comes to hydrant cabinets, Alves is our man! He is indispensible for all kinds of sheet metalwork and a valuable asset for all manufacture areas.

Brian Dietrich
With great care and experience, our hose care expert Brian assembles and tests each of our hose launderers and wire binding systems. Also, he is a true all-rounder for all metalwork.

Carsten Gruenwald
Although a versatile multi-role mechanic, Carsten's home turf is the lathe. In our manufacture he is responsible for all Barth product lines.

Roland Ortmaier
Here comes another manufacturer of many talents. Roland reliebly saws, manufactures, assembles with utter commitment and huge experience — for almost every product sector.

Stefan Wiesner
Our all-products varnisher Stefan colors up our company. Whether red, blue or gray — Stefan works on nearly every Barth product, from entire vehicle to tiny bracket!

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