Wilhelm Barth GmbH & Co. KG Feuerwehrtechnik

Barth servicing

Expert maintenance and repair

A reliable maintenance-and-repair service maintains the operational value of your fire engines and equipment. Our technicians maintain and repair almost the full range of our firefighting technology: fire engines, hydraulic and pneumatic rescue devices, portable or in-vehicle fire pumps, electrical tools, portable ladders and fire extinguishers.

Made by Barth? We fix it!

All items developed and manufactured by Barth — hose care systems, mobile hose reels, hydrant cabinets, automatic fill/empty stations — benefit from the genuine Barth maintenance-and-repair. As a result, new technologies and insights help us improve and upgrade our products.

Made by others? We fix it!

Our expert Barth technicians also maintain and repair devices not listed by Barth or run out of production.

Barth Emergency Hotline

Phone +49 711 57560 31
Fax +49 711 57560 39
E-Mail kundendienst[bei]barth-feuerwehrtechnik[punkt]de

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Vehicle, pump and equipment servicing
We maintain and improve operational values
Hose-care system servicing
We keep your hose-care equipment in shape
Fire protection servicing
We test your hydrant cabinets, fire extinguishers and hoses

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