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Straight around the bend

Short-haul hose care system Vario E-U

Hose soaking, hose laundry, pressure testing, hose coiling — with our Vario E-U, a single person processes two hoses (max. size B) in one go. The patented automatism handles up to 250 hoses a day: highly compliant to strict rules such as DIN 14092-6 and CE. Hose dimensions: 75 mm x 20 m (3 in x 66 ft) max.

Patented U-turn hauling

In the shape of a U-turn, an additional rail at the enlarged far end of the testing table guides the two-hose tow carriage back to the testing outlets at the front end of the testing table.

Hoses laundered ...,
  • The two-hose carriage automatically drags the hoses through the laundromat

Hoses around the bend ...,
  • A rail at the enlarged testing table end forces the hose carriage to describe a U-turn

... hoses ready for testing
  • The hoses in their carriage reach the testing outlets
Patented "end reverse"
  • No legwork to manually reverse the hoses at the far end of the testing table
  • No tow stopping to place the hoses around a Schlepprolle
  • In one go, the hoses describe a U-turn and are ready for testing
  • High-precision hose release at the testing outlets

All inclusive

Stainless steel, shockproof polyethylene and premium aluminum ensure high longevity. And or selected suppliers provide all components for many years to come:

  • Continuous processing of fire hoses: Ø 110 mm (4½ in) max.
  • Hose soaking tub: shockproof polyethylene (PE)
  • High-pressure hose laundromat: for a variety of washings
  • Hose testing table: stainless steel
  • Pressure testing unit with water recovery
  • Safety cover on the testing outlets
  • Hose short-haul device with a patented U-turn
  • High-precision hose release
  • Hose coiler for one or two hoses at once
  • Spray gun for cleaning the testing tub
  • Emergency-stop rip cord along the testing table
  • ... and much more!

More details

Our experts are happy to help you.

>> Download our VARIO E-U product sheet (PDF)

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