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Hose cleaning to go

Barth Mini Cleaner hose washing device

Brush, rinse, coil — all in one! The Mini Cleaner washes and coils fire hoses up to size B right on the spot; plain and simply by using the water pressure exit on your vehicle and propped neatly onto the fire hose reeler Rolly!

As quick as it gets
  • Put your Rolly hose reeler head-down onto the Mini Cleaner stator
  • Prop the Mini Cleaner onto the stator
  • Connect the Mini Cleaner to the water pressure exit of your vehicle
  • Use the crank to pull the hose through the Mini Cleaner and to coil it up in one go
  • The strong brushes and water jets of the Mini Cleaner clean the hose
  • With the Mini Cleaner water brush you can also clean hose couplings and turnout boots

A giant benefit to dwarf bulky machines

The Mini-Cleaner fits on every vehicle — its stator (for a smaller-than-dwarf-sized Rolly hose reeler) folds to true midget size. But the Mini Cleaner even works without a Rolly hose reeler. Hooked onto the vehicle ladder, the Mini Cleaner coils up fire hoses up to size B.


More impeccable details

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>> Download our Barth Mini Cleaner product sheet (PDF)

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