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Other equipment for hose repair

Manual hose-binding apparatus

Frame made of light metal, equipped with wire guide-roll, wire reel with 500 g binding wire zinc-plated Ø 1,4 mm for delivery hoses, wire brake, crank for spooling the wire.
For wire binding with the manual binding apparatus you simply have to lead the apparatus round about the fixed coupling.

Fixing device

Additional device for the manual hose-binding apparatus to fix the coubling (from 38 to 110 mm diameter) during the binding process. The device has to be fixed in a bench vice.


For the rapair of layflat delivery hoses (uncoated, PU-coated and covered hoses). The moveable support gives a uniform pressure during the vulcanization process, the automatic temperature control prevents overheating. Heating surface 175 x 100 mm, time switch 0-60 min., elec. connection 220 V/500 W, dimensions (L x W x H) 380 x 200 x 500 mm, weight 7.5 kg

Repair Box

Kit for the external repair of layflat delivery hoses. Good repair results can be achieved for damage up to 5 mm hole diameter or 10 mm tear length.

The kit consists of 2 pc. repair patches 10 x 15 cm red/white,
a pair of scissors, a brush, a plastic bottle to be filled with acetone (not supplied) and a teflon folia.

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